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Import, conversion and commercialization of paper and cartons for the graphic industry and distributors

At the beginning of 1996 Convertidora del Pacífico, a Peruvian company, was born with the objective of serving the graphic industry, supplying it with paper and cardboard.

To date, 26 years have passed, which have allowed us to acquire the experience and quality necessary to efficiently meet the demanding Peruvian market, providing all kinds of paper and cardboard with formats, cuts and special measures according to your requirement. Our strength is our wide client portfolio, which has allowed us to establish strategic alliances with the most important suppliers in the paper maaking industry. Thanks to our prompt response, effectiveness and loyalty, we have consolidated our presence in the market, with three warehouses and latest technology machinery, constantly striving to provide the best service for the total satisfaction of our customers.


Ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, fulfilling our commitment to deliver products in time and with the quality offered, with high quality standards by our team; committed to values, the community and the environment environment, contributing to the development of economic agents through Importation, Conversion and Marketing of Paper and Cardboard.


To become a leading Peruvian business group, with interests in the Graphics Industry segments, vertically integrated through the diversification of its operations and with a presence in the Latin American region, continuously improving our processes and developing sustainable entrepreneurship cycles.


Excellence in meeting commitments
• Our promise or word is our main value.

• We promote honesty, authenticity and genuineness, in respect of ourselves, our clients and society.

Teamwork with optimism and energy
• We motivate synergy and enthusiasm in search of your satisfaction.

Quality and continuous improvement
• We offer products and services with high international standards, continuously improving our processes and our staff.

Respect for the enviroment
• We promote and contribute to the protection of the environment.


Convertidora del Pacifico E.I.R.L., a company dedicated to the importation, conversion and commercialization of paper and cardboard for the graphic industry, has as a policy to maintain an excellent level and quality of products and services, exceeding the expectations of our clients, within a pleasant environment of Work and safety for our employees.

Therefore we commit to:

  1. Guarantee the availability of stock, competitive prices and timely delivery of our products, facilitating efficient business solutions.

  2. Protect the Health and Safety of our employees, preventing occupational injuries and illnesses and encouraging their participation proactively in the prevention of occupational hazards.

  3. Comply with the legal, applicable and other kind of requirements subscribed by the company.

  4. Prevent pollution of the environment, which can be generated from the activities we carry out.

  5. Have trained, competent and motivated professionals, technicians and staff, focused on customer satisfaction, risk prevention, occupational diseases and environmental protection.

  6. Promote continuous improvement actions of all processes, focused on the effectiveness of the Management Systems of our Organization.

  7. Promote the sustainable development of our local environment, as well as strengthen our relationships with Stakeholders (customers, suppliers, community, state and others).